• Letitia Coker


Did you know .............?

Beautiful Yarrow or Achillea millefolium, has been used around the world in Herbal Medicine for its healing properties for many 100s of years. It is used for the treatment of wounds and to stem bleeding and diffuses blood, so is useful in herbal first aid. It is also known to prevent and clear clots, tone blood vessels, and lower high blood pressure. It manages fevers by dilating the peripheral blood vessels and drawing the fever out through sweat. It reduces inflammation, it is astringent, has antiseptic properties, reduces cramps and is a bitter tonic, helpful to the digestive system. It is used in combination with elderflowers and peppermint in a tea that helps with colds and flu.

I love this little plant with its white and pink flowers, such a tiny plant that packs a big punch. I have many a yarrow growing in my garden, as its flowers pop up in summer, they bring a smile to my face. I love using it in teas and tinctures with all my clients.

It is such an amazing plant, you may consider growing in your own gardens.

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