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Luscious Wise Woman Tea

Throughout our lives we go through many seasons, each one building on the previous one with knowledge, experience and wisdom. Through these seasons our bodies also are growing and changing as well, at times we appreciate this, at other times we can struggle.

As women approach Menopause there can be times of struggle with different symptoms that can pop up, making women feel not like themselves. This is one of those seasons of change, which can affect women in many ways. Women can embrace these changes, seeing them as good changes but often, unfortunately, our society's culture is to see this season as a time of inconvenience, instead of seeing it as a season of new found freedom, a time to seek and follow your dreams, to find yourself after building your family or career.

So what is Menopause?

Truely, it is the cessation of your menstrual cycle, marking the end of your reproductive season. With that come a change in hormonal production, a waning of ovarian function, oestrogen and progesterone begins to decline, creating the symptoms that woman may experience in this season of life. It is important to see this season as a normal event in a woman's life and not a disease.

Hot flushes are commonly the most uncomfortable and distressing of these symptoms, and occur due to the fluctuation of oestrogen. Hot flushes can occur at anytime, even while asleep, which has a profound affect on sleep patterns. Depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, poor memory, irritability and low self-esteem are also common complaints. Women also can experience a change in fat distribution, loss of muscle mass and changes in energy levels, as well as other metabolic changes that are not obvious at the time.

It is possible to manage these changes naturally. Exercise is a big must for all of the symptoms, getting up and getting moving is so very important for the body in general, but extremely important as women go through menopause. Believe it or not, the food that is consumed at this time, the diet have a direct influence on women's menopausal symptoms. Finding a diet that is supportive through this season requires an openness to change and a willingness to reduce favourite foods that can contribute to the menopausal symptoms. Reducing alcohol, coffee and chocolate consumption can also alleviate symptoms in some women. Improving general health, reducing stress, emotional stress, work-life balance and getting enough sleep can alleviate symptoms.

This is a time to take a breath, do some soul searching and have some time for self love and self care.

There are a number of natural herbal approaches and herbs that can help with modifying oestrogen, lifting mood, supporting times of stress and help us live a full, wonderful, productive life through this season of life.

Wise Woman Tea is full of natural support, helps improve mood and the ability to cope with stress, with added freshness and flavour of natural organic herbs. Three cups a day for a week or two will reduce the symptoms of menopause considerably, with the changes in diet and creating an exercise routine life can begin again. Full of the goodness of Sage, Rose, Siberian ginseng, St John's Wort and Jasmine, these herbs are used to modulate oestrogen, support emotions, reduce hot flushes, increase the ability to cope with stress and reduce exhaustion.

Wise Woman Tea is created freshly at Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic, ready for your use at home.

As you go through this season in your life know that it is time to focus on you, with support and helpful herbal approaches it does not have to be a time of struggle.

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