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Herbal Tea Blending Course

Our first Herbal Tea Blending course was last Saturday and it was a blast!

We started with a tour of the medicinal plants growing in the gardens and then learned about medicinal herbs and how to blend them. Watching everyone gravitate to the plants they loved for what they were wanting to treat was wonderful.

You can use single herbs to create a beautiful tea or you can blend herbs to make a herbal tea. To relieve stress, energise you, help your memory, support you as you fight infections, clear mucous and sinuses, and so much more. Chamomile is well known for sleep inducement and relaxation but licorice can also help bring on sleep. Rose and siberian ginseng can help relieve stress and anxiety as well as St John's Wort. Memory and concentration can be helped by ginkgo and rosemary, adding sage helps with hot flushes and yarrow for healing. There are so many medicinal plants that can help with all sorts of conditions that are faced on a daily basis, that can be simply mixed into a tea and drunk hot and cold depending.

In general infusions are best drunk still hot especially when treating fevers, colds, and runny noses but they need to be taken lukewarm to cool for problems of the skin and urinary tract.

Some herbs need to be prepared as cold infusions because their properties are likely to be destroyed by high temperatures. These include herbs high in mucilages like marshmallow and plantain leaf. They are prepared the same way but with cold water and left to infuse for 10-12 hours.

Taken by the cup full of 3-6 times a day, depending on whether the condition that is been treated is acute or chronic. Steeping herbs in boiled water, rather than boiling the herbs in the water to persevere the maximum amount of medicinal properties of the herbs. The longer you let the tea sit the more medicinal effects you will receive in the tea.

There is an art to creating herbal tea blends, so you can address the specific intention that you have in mind. You need to choose a hero herb, a supporting herb, a message herb, and a harmonizer. But by no means does this mean that your tea cannot have more than 4 medicinal plants in the blend. I tend to always love the look of the tea and the fragrance of the blend as well. All these aspects go into making a beautiful blend for you to take the time to prepare, drink and support your body when you are unwell.

If you want to know more information about medicinal plants 2022 will bring and a number of new courses at Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic.

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