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Hello and Welcome to Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic

Hello and Welcome to Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic

Let us get to know one another

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and my Natural Medicine Business, Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic, to the community. I am at Mount Elliot, in the Central Coast, but serve the whole of Australia via zoom. The clinic name, Myddfai, is so named after a Welsh village where in times gone by you would go to train to become a Myddfai Physician. The Myddfai Physician's mission was to alleviate the suffering and illnesses of the community. I want to do the same with the Community in the Central Coast and at large, by treating your medical conditions with Natural Medicine. As a Registered Nurse I understand medical practises and therefore work as an Integrative Practitioner. At Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic my aim is to bring Herbal Medicine to the community at large, to treat, to teach and to help you develop the skills to look after yourself with natural medicines. Did you know that Medicinal plants were grown in home gardens once, so people could readily use them to help those who are unwell in the household? You too can learn what to do to help those of your household with simple easily Herbal Medicines. In 2022 we have a number of Herbal Medicine Classes beginning in February. There are limited numbers for each class. There will be learning through shared knowledge, hands-on creating of herbal products, laughter, and fun. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you as you learn how to create beautiful and simple medicines to help you, your families, and your friends around you. Come join us The Clinic itself, is open on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday if you want to book in for an appointment, in person or via zoom link. Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic - Facebook and Instagram

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