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Have you ever wondered what was before?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Once to have food, you had to grow it, and once to have medicine, you had to grow it.

Once we were responsible for our own health and wellbeing, and if we could not help ourselves we would turn to specialist is plant medicines, a Herbal Medicine Practitioner, to help us. It has only been in the past 100 years that modern medicine, as we know it, has intervened. Before that, there were amazing plant based medicines, whole philosophies and practices that have been forgotten, and which we are now disconnected from. Often the business of our lives mean that we live in the here and now, not having the time to know what was before. We think, that this is how it always was and we don't see the subtle changes that occur through our lives and we forget!

I love helping people rediscover plants and teaching them how to turn those beautiful gifts into medicines that can change their lives. Simple steps, like growing medicinal herbs in your garden, drying those plants and using them in teas can help you take control of your health.

Being in the garden and dirt can build your immunity, reduce stress and help you focus on what is really important in your life. Nature, its self, can reduce your anxiety and gives you a sense of peace.

Our busy lives, in our modern world has created a lot of stress and anxiety, leading to many chronic illness, weight gain and unhappiness. Connecting with each other and nature has been forgotten and what is lacking.

Remember those times when you went tab pole hunting and got all wet and muddy, or chasing lizards and butterflies, watching the ants trails or just running you hands through the plants to smell their incredible scent. These are the times that you connected with nature and built your immune system as you came into contact with microbes that were able to teach your immune system what to react too. Spending time outside in the sunshine was also a way of building your vitamin D levels which in turn built your immune system and reduced stress loads on the body. I remember crawling through archways of peas and beans in my father's veggie patch and eating the fresh food straight off the vines, how healthy that was for me. You may have similar stories, these stories enhanced your health and wellbeing.

So in this time of isolation maybe it is a time to slow down and literally smell the roses, to build that garden, to take that walk in the bush, to smell the fragrances of the plants around you, all the while connecting with your family.

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