Meet Letitia

Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner and RN

My love for plants has evolved from my childhood to now. I grew up running through Ku ring gai National Park in Sydney barefoot, watching the seasons of the year bring the most beautiful plants bursting into flower with a fragrance that matched.

I was always interested in all thing medical as I spent most of my school holidays within pathology labs watching many amazing procedures being done, once school was finish I became a Registered nurse working in many hospitals and in the community, which I continue to this day. 


My journey with Herbal Medicine began when my family and I became unwell with chicken pox, glandular fever, and many other illnesses which modern medicine struggled to help with. A friend recommended a practitioner who used Herbal Medicine to help people regain their energy for life and wellbeing.

This change my life and from there I have achieved a Bachelor in Health Science, Western Herbal Medicine. So I am able to practice with the skill, compassion and dedication of a registered nurse and the traditions of Western Herbal Medicine.


You may ask what the difference is between Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. There are differences in the philosophies, the way they are practice and the treatments prescribed but there is also a lot of similarities. The history and the connection of medicine through out the world is one of my fascinations.

I am here to help you use Herbal Medicine, and build your health, confidently

On my site you’ll find in-depth and easy to understand information about herbs, delicious and inspiring recipes, and lots of beautiful photos of plants! 

The knowledge I share is a combination of my personal experiences, traditional uses of plants, how modern day herbalists are practicing herbalism, as well as what scientific studies are learning about plants.

Infused into everything I do is my deeply rooted belief that we are all happier when we are connected to the natural world around us. My passion and what I am about is that I heal using plant based medicine, life style changes and dietary changes. The more you rely on plants for your everyday health, the better this world will be. 

You are in the right place if any of the following applies to you: 

  • You want to use herbs as food and medicine in your daily life.

  • You have been searching for how to use Herbal Medicine but cannot seem to find the right answers. 

  • The information that you read, find or are told is confusing and you are not sure which one is true

  • You know that there are many healing herbs but are confused by the selection that you find in your local shops, which seem to work sometimes but not others

  • You’re discouraged by the "magic bullet" approach and the “get healthy quick” attitude, as it does not have a lasting effect. 

  • You want to know how to use herbs so they work the way they are meant too. 


If you are tired of getting so-so results with herbs and are ready to use medicinal plants with confidence then I invite you to join my herbal community.