About Healthy Living

The name of my clinic is Myddfai Herbal Clinic which maybe hard to say but it is derived from a little Welsh town where  in Medieval times, Physicians where trained using plants medicines.

The Myddfai Physician's mission was to relieve mankind from their pain and suffering through healing of all manner of diseases with plant based medicines. 

At Myddfai Herbal Clinic Australia I have continue the traditions of the Myddfai Physicians, using plant based medicines to help people reach a healthy and well life. I do this by spending time hearing your story and guiding you with healthy choices around food, exercise, life style, self talk and of course amazing Herbal Medicines, with different individualised programs to suit your needs

The Healthy Living Personal Program

Programs incorporate a set individualise treatment plan for your specific conditions.

Detox Program

Weight Management Program

Adrenal Fatigue Program

Chronic Illness Program

Immune Rebuild and Balancing Program


Antiviral Program

Fresh Vegetables in Basket
Running Shoes
Cozy Room
Couple Cooking
Homeopathic Bottles

The Healthy Living and Pantry Medicine Workshops

As well as seeing clients face to face, I provide small intimate workshops on how to live a healthy life and make your own herbal medicine at home to benefit yourself and your families. 

These informal workshops allow you to explore beautiful plants, some that you keep in your pantry and others that you need to source. The courses help build your confidence and builds your skills as you face health issues that occur in your everyday life and the ability to use common plants in combating them. 

To see more about the classes that are provided at Myddfai Natural Medicine Clinic click on the "Whats on at Myddfai" page. 

Look forward to meeting you