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For over 10 years my passion has been, as a Naturopathic Herbalist, to guide people to better health using Western Herbal Medicine and Natural Remedies. I have helped many clients reclaim their energy, wellness, and health as they struggle with stress, adrenal fatigue, and chronic illness. I have helped them by teaching them, with small steps, using western herbal medicine, lifestyle, diet changes, and self-talk initiatives.

My motto "Live well, Be Well" stems from the idea of, if we want to be as well as we can, then we have to live a life that reflects that. 

I have been practicing as an RN for over 30 years and as a Naturopathic Herbalist for 11 years. I have also done courses in self-talk and ACTs counseling. 


 Digestion System Imbalance, Microbiome 

Balancing and Detoxing

Adrenal Fatigue, Burnout, Stress Reduction and Insomnia

Immune System Imbalances, Reducing Frequent Infections, Colds and Flu

Menopause, Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, Hot Flushes and Weight Gain

Healthy Ageing, Energy Boosting, Multi System Disease Management and Prevention

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To Be well, Live well

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The Journey Towards Health Begins with a choice to change. Begin Your Journey Today.

After years of repeated sinus and ear infections with countless antibiotics treatments my immune system was severely compromised. Over a period of months with individual Herbal Medicine, Letitia was able to help rebuild my body's own ability to fight off illness. As a former health educator the use of traditional medicine together with modern healthcare seems only logical. Thank you Letitia!

- Louise Parrott

Letitia has a great passion for Herbal Medicine and its impact on our bodies. With this, combined with her compassion for her clients, she helps them achieve better health. 

I was very grateful for the support and guidance Letitia gave me during my time when I attended her clinic. The natural remedies she used were a welcomed change from the medicines I had been taking. I felt safe with Letitia and truely felt cared for.

Thank you Letitia

- Tara Tohovaka

I started experiencing anxiety, stress and not sleeping well. I wanted a more natural and holistic approach to dealing with the my current situation. A friend recommended Letitia to me and after the initial consultation, with indepth questions and information, a treatment plan was recommended. After a few weeks on the Herbal Medicine, I noticed that the feelings of stress and anxiety had lessen. I believe that a Holistic way of dealing with stress and anxiety is a better option and I would recommend Letitia for her professional care and expertise.

 - Lorna Lasika

Consultations can be In Person, via Zoom, Facetime, and Phone

Let’s Get Healthy with Naturopathic Herbal Practices, Diet and lifestyle changes 

  • 1 hour consultation

    1 hr
    160 Australian dollars

  • 30 min
    starting at $130.00

  • 30 min
    starting at $100.00
  • Using herbal medicine to help you overcome an acute illness.

    15 min
    Starting at $55.00

The Healthy Journey with Herbal Medicine is a life journey