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Letitia has a great passion for Herbal Medicine and its impact on our bodies. With this, combined with her compassion for her clients, she helps them achieve better health. 

I was very grateful for the support and guidance Letitia gave me during my time when I attended her clinic. The natural remedies she used were a welcomed change from the medicines I had been taking. I felt safe with Letitia and truely felt cared for.

Thank you Letitia

- Tara Tohovaka

I started experiencing anxiety, stress and not sleeping well. I wanted a more natural and holistic approach to dealing with the my current situation. A friend recommended Letitia to me and after the initial consultation, with indepth questions and information, a treatment plan was recommended. After a few weeks on the Herbal Medicine, I noticed that the feelings of stress and anxiety had lessen. I believe that a Holistic way of dealing with stress and anxiety is a better option and I would recommend Letitia for her professional care and expertise.

 - Lorna Lasika

Let’s Get Healthy with Herbs and lifestyle changes 


The Healthy Journey with Herbal Medicine is a life journey

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